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Alternative Energy

The internet is full of sites that dispense useful information about home made wind turbines. Hugh's site is a must and an excellent place to start. http://scoraigwind.co.uk. This is a place to learn, and a visit here could spark a good many ideas.

Otherpower.com is a fun place to visit. lots of AE ideas! Would you like to build your own wind turbine from scratch ?

Want to learn a few things? Check out windstuffnow.com, Ed has something new brewing all the time, and has some interesting products.

Jerry Bartlett, AE enthusiast, Experimenter, and Diesel Head! Out out the Changzuki!


 Bio Fuels


http://www.vegburner.co.uk/oils.htm  Good info from UK on burning Veggie

http://www.nrel.gov/vehiclesandfuels/npbf/pdfs/40555.pdf   Handling Bio Fuel, good Gov Site

http://journeytoforever.org/biofuel_library.html  This is a site with technical data and information regarding longevity of an engine, the advantages and disadvantages of different fuels and oils etc. IMHO, the site is run by people blinded by their political bias. Many DIYers will question whether these people can report any factual info without their bias trumping their findings.     

 http://jatropha.de/ go to (Use of fuels), then (In engines), and you will see the mighty Lister and comments about the value of the pre combustion chambers.

Veggie fuel conversion  kits,  well done, no BS, no hype (at the time I looked anyway). 

Multi Functional Platforms

 http://www.mfrfp.com/services.html  Multi Functional Platforms for the Third World

Engine Books, Reference

Meet David Edginton. http://www.stationaryenginebooks.co.uk/ Are you looking for the authority on Lister CS and other Lister Stationary Engines? He he is! David is one of us, he has plenty of appreciation for engines and all things mechanical. I'm proud to have his books on my shelf as part of my reference material, I'm pleased to tell you that David's information is quoted often in collectors forums, and of course, we are always looking for more detail regarding the clones, this information tells us why it is, or how it should be. David has made a considerable investment in time and money to write books just for us. I can think of no one more deserving of support in our community of DIYers, and Stationary Engine enthusiasts. David, you have a lot of friends here in North America. 

Engine Sites

Here's a site that many of my old engines friends know about and recommend. There are a good number of things that people THINK they invent or discover that was used long ago by the old engine crowd. As you have heard before; there are few things new under the sun. Countless members, but my thanks to Steve Gray, Tom Miller, and Harold Polle, just to mention a few who attempt to bring me along on some of this incredible old technology.      


Visit Steve Gray's oldengineshed, you'll be amazed!

 http://www.stationaryenginebooks.co.uk/  LISTER ENGINE ENQUIRIES FROM THE UK----anyone wanting a Lister engine dated by age should contact David Edgington the official holder of the old Lister engine records by using his website www.stationaryenginebooks.co.uk  David also supplied a wide range of books (some written by himself) on the various Lister engines. Please note--he can only date engines built between 1909 and 1958 and has no records for the JP range.

http://www.marinediesels.info Learn about Diesel engines, why is the Diesel the chosen power plant of Marine Shipping companies? Merchant fleets do not survive without being efficient, few can afford to run a steam turbine power plant. Here's a great site, with a good deal of information.

http://www.bath.ac.uk/~ccsshb/12cyl/  This site defines a BIG diesel. 

http://www.internalfire.com/  This is an amazing undertaking, Paul Evans and his many Associates are working together to preserve history, and share some truly remarkable technology. If I ever make it over to the UK, this will be one of the places I visit. I sent off a donation to internalfire via paypal today, I felt it was the very least I could do to help, and I encourage you to consider doing the same. Thank you Paul, and the many People who support this important project. This is a place to learn! 

  http://www.oldengine.org/members/diesel/  Excellent !


http://www.xs4all.nl/~meijersf/index.htm This is truly an AMAZING site! Learn from the Dutch, they have far more than their fair share of really good Engineers. People of the Netherlands also seem to identify themselves with their pursuit of passions or hobbies as much as they do with their jobs or careers. A good percentage of Dutch people are born with a wrench in their hand, and they first learn to read by studying the engine manuals in their father's engine room or shop. If you are a 'Motor head' or a Sailor, you will visit here more than once. I have heard stories that the French take all their mechanical things to Holland to have them repaired, could this be true ?? Make sure you check out the STEAM section on these pages. I enjoy reading motor/mechanical type pages in Dutch, and I don't even know the language!       

Generator Sites

DIYer Dan B of otherpower.com, was bitten by the slow speed bug long ago, he has great fabrication skills, owns a lathe, lives off grid; where it gets cold, and guess what? He just bought a Standard CS lister with the pre-combustion chamber. We will be learning from Dan's experience and tinkering. This engine has seen little change in design since the late twenties, the principle market for these engines have rejected changes, some internet sites in the third world claim this engine can handle a far greater variety of fuels, and efforts to modernize it, have often affected the engine's ability to run on palm oil, seed oils, and other oils. Is this true, or are they just happy with things the way they are?    Here's the beginning of Dan's story.

Greg Weinfurtner

Friend, Technician, and a great resource in understanding how to build a home built generator. Greg also provides examples of the induction generators; where the common induction motor is used to generate power. His examples an writings discuss the pros and cons of such a generator. Greg is a National Treasure, and provides a great place to get started learning.


More about Greg


Alternative Energy

http://www.azsolar.com Here's a great place to buy a whole solar system, Lee has a good deal of experience and is a fellow DIYer!

 http://www.donrowe.com Here's a place to find low end inverters for excellent prices, camping gear, and all kinds of fun stuff. I've never found nicer people to deal with, and you won't either. I will never forget the excellent service I received here, and how well my inverter works at the Cowiche cabin.

http://www.snqstoves.com/  Here's the first Pellet stove I think makes any sense 

Places to visit


Gwyn Lawrence is a DIYer and AE enthusiast. He's worked hard to open the Sea Breeze, and you might give him some business if you are passing thru.


Not related to AE or Home Power

Paragliding, if you are anywhere near Seattle, here's the site for you!