Bob Anderson, off the beaten path, and he likes it that way.

 It's best, I let Bob tell the story, so here goes, we'll keep adding info on this project, as Bob's plan comes together.


Feel free to post or share any info or pictures I send you George. The free exchange of information for people trying to do a project like this is a great resource. Your site and your lister CD have been a big help so far to me I can only hope anything I can share will help someone else.
    Here are some more up to date ones. I'm getting the cooling system up and running and then a better exhaust system set up. Then I'll finish the other wall and get a proper roof on her.

I fired up the engine and did a temporary wiring connection and it carried the AC unit no problem. My wife was watching the plant while I went in and started the AC unit and she said she couldnít tell I dumped the load on the engine. My Onan of the same KW size makes a noticeable grown when I throw the AC unit on it. Iím pretty impressed. Iíve enclosed some photoís of the project and again thanks for getting back to me and sorry It took so long for me to reply


Bob has the internet thru the dish now, and all is looking up at his off grid home.

Thanks for sharing Bob, I'll post a good many pictures of you project on the CD, and some more here once I get software to adjust the resolution of my pictures.

George B.