David Edgington

3/12/2009, an added message, this page has been up for a while, it was 2006 that David wrote and published


What I find rather amazing is just how much information is in this book! I'll come across questions in a forum or receive emails from friends and readers, and later we find the answers in David's Book!  Another enjoyable part of David's books is the use of wonderfully done color photos, many suitable for framing. I've learned that this is quite expensive to do, but these books will be the reference that all other things are measured against. I know that they will always be part of my library.


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As I read through David's new book, I'm amazed by the detail and coverage of the engines. The notes on the kerosene models is mighty helpful in understanding this fuel. Another MUST HAVE book for those of us who love stationary engines.


Author and Engine Enthusiast