This page is dedicated to sharing information about the Standard Lister 6/1 Governor/Cam, since they live together we'll cover them together.

The first thing that's helpful is knowing how to pull this unit without breaking a sweat. As with most things on a lister, it fast and easy, when you know how. Soem of you will assume there's no room to do this without pulling the flywheel... wrong!

Face the front of the engine and note the two covers on each end of the engine. the cover on your left is called the cam shaft end cover, the cover on the right is the Cam shaft cover.

Remove push rods, tappets and tappet guides. This can be harder the first time since they're buried in the ugly Indian paint job.
Take the left hand cover off, note the Taper pin holding on the collar, if the small end of the pin is beaten over, cut it off flush to the collar with a die grinder and then use a drift just a tad smaller than the pin to drive it out. It will take a good wack or two, then you'll see it move, take  it all the way out and remove the collar.
Remove the linkage off the lever coming out of the cam cover.
Now remove the cam cover on the right side.
If your engine is equipped with studs for the cam cover, you may need to remove them BEFORE you are able to fully remove the cover, use vice grips if necessary to unscrew the studs.
Pull the cam straight out till it clears the cam shaft end cover, then tilt the cam assembly and carefully rotate the flywheel to allow for clearance to tilt the cam downward and out till all is clear.

Above is a stock Lister 6/1 cam

Above is one of a pair of fly weights  


Above:  Go up two pictures and note that this roller tipped lever rides in the governor sleeve slot.

Here's the outside of the cam shaft cover mounted to the right side of the engine. As you can see, these castings (ugly as they are stock) clean up real nice with a die grinder and simple attachments. Experience has taught me that this casting will look like a piece of glass powder coated. I am sure it is some sort of compulsive disorder, but I can't take a piece off a Lister engine without cleaning it up, it just plain fun to see the transformation.

If you look at the roller tappet above, you'll see the upward side has a 'flat', the adjustment screw on the outside of this case makes contact with this flat to keep it from turning. The idea is to get this adjustment tight enough to keep it tracking, but not so tight it binds.

When you re-install the cam covers and the tappets, I recommend the use of RTV sealer over the stock gaskets. I also recommend that you remove any gasket you may have found under the tappet guide and use a very small amount of RTV sealer under the tappet guide indexing surface.

This is a pretty simple assembly. If there's something really wrong you're bound to see it. As I've mentioned elsewhere the governor has a problem covering from no load to heavy loads. One of our DIYer Brothers suggests that this is what a governor short on mass in the fly weights will do. When one thinks about how this simple device works, you have a fly weight and a spring that are trying to reach some sort of equilibrium. When the engine refuses to pull the heaviest of loads, the spring tension is increased, the fuel rack opens, the heavy load is then picked up, and all is well till the load is removed, at that point, the engine goes into over speed at about 700 RPMs or more. Even though the RPM is greater, the fly weights do not have the force to counter the spring and move the fuel rack towards the closed position. I would say the theory that the flyweights are too light makes good sense, and we need to try it.

The Indian engine builders and those who buy these engines seem to tolerate minor things like this with ease. I think it's time to build a fixture and drill some holes from the inside of the flyweight. Once this is done soak the weight in a strong solvent, dry it off, and then bake it at 400 degrees in your wife's oven (when she's gone) for 30 minutes. Then it's time to find one of her old pans to melt lead in. Make sure you turn on the fan above the stove.  Set your fly weights up so the lead won't spill onto her counter top and then onto Her floor and burn the pattern off. Once the fly weights are filled with lead, hide the pan in the bottom of the garbage can, and figure out a cover scent for the house. Maybe you have a Mexican entree in the icebox you could microwave for lunch??

If you try this fix, please share your results.