John Ferguson


 Ontario, Canada, here lives an Englishman with many Skills and a love for the Old Lister Types and other slow speed engines. John and his good Friend and Neighbor; 'Ernie' both run their homes off waste veggie in Listeroid twins. As of this date, John has more experience running veggie oils in this design than ANYONE in North America. His knowledge and experience gained in waste veggie is valuable indeed, as there are a few things to learn, 7000+ hours of this writing.  His basic setups utilize the Allmand drive, and the simple and proven PS Gen Head. John Starts on diesel or Bio Diesel and transfers to Waste Veggie once up to temp.

  I have a good number of pictures of John and Ernie's Cogen power plants, and I will get them posted on this page. Of great interest to DIYers are the tank systems mounted High in the Gen sheds, this allows for heat to be stored via thermal siphon, and to be pumped off to a point of use. If you are utilizing the waste heat off these slow running machines, and making electricity as well, you may be well positioned to deal with the even higher cost of power from the Mains (Grid) in the near future.

John Invites other Canadians to send him an email if they are interested in purchasing a slow speed power plant, or parts and pieces. I recommend John because I know he is the best in Canada. There are only a few people with his skills and knowledge.

Here's a man that will tell you how it really is, and who has really done it! Add to this a double helping of integrity, and you will understand why I give him my highest recommendation. If you are looking for advice, especially about the twins, call on experience.

In addition to John's personal knowledge; is his world wide network of friends and support.   

Website   http://www.woodnstuff.ca/ 

email John@Woodnstuff.ca

There are others who own these twin cylinder engines, and some even have websites and make recommendations as what you should buy; and how to set it up. What is vastly different about John is his experience. John has had PERSONAL experience with a number of engine brands, and he writes and recommends from experience. It is far different to set up a backup generator that might be run a few hours a year, but to run them many hours a day, and to run alternate fuels builds ones knowledge base in a hurry.

That old sayin "ask the man that owns one"; I say nuts! instead ask the man that's owned and run a good number of them.

Thank you John Ferguson for your considerable contributions to the DIYer community. People I recommend earn it every day, and you are certainly one of them.

George B.