Lister Type Banjo

Biodiesel Compatible Fuel system, made from Western parts

Pictured above are Banjo fittings in Brass and Steel, these units are fitted with compression fittings to receive 1/4 fuel line in poly or metal line.

Utterpower custom Banjo fitted to the Lister Type fuel injection pump

Here's the key to pluming your Lister type for work. The 1/8 inch standard National Pipe Thread fitting accepts a range of  standard hardware store fittings to produce a fuel tight line all the way back to your fuel tank. The utterpower Banjo is extra thick and provides plenty of thread for a fuel tight fit. Simply remove the stock banjo bolt, and fit this one. The banjo shown is fitted with 1/4 poly line, poly is good enough for VW, good enough for me, but there's no reason you can't use metal if you like. Add your own screw on filter, and fuel tank, I strongly suggest you look at the poly boat tanks for a cheap and handy tank.. build a shelf above your engine on the wall of the Gen shed to hold the tank..