Lister Parts, we have them...

Above are some 'canned' solutions for parts :-)

In India you can buy standard lister parts in a can. There's standard canned rings, standard canned pistons, standard canned sleeves, and maybe you've never seen canned valves? The open can contains one set of standard valves. That can in the center really does say Lister 6/1 STD Piston ring set.

 We stock a fair supply of parts for STANDARD clones here in the U.S.A., we give preference and discounts to our customers.

If someone is offering you an engine that takes parts other than standard, what are you getting in return? Is it cheaper? does it get better fuel economy? will the seller help you with the NON STANDARD parts? Before you buy is the time you ask these questions, it's never important till you need help, and it is always nice to consider that your investment is protected when you invest in standards.

There are also some American made parts that interchange with Lister parts, if your engine will be doing real work, it's nice to know what you can substitute. Maybe NAPA has the parts you need on their shelf? Don't expect them to know what fits.

Let's take the Tapered roller bearings for instance, the Timken part number is 32211M90KM1. This will get you the race and the bearings, if you're going to use this stuff daily, getting parts from India, may not be reasonable solution.


Above: Here's a neat part to have spares of, this is the exhaust flange with National pipe thread. Although this part is sturdy, I have already broke one thru carelessness.  This piece fits the intake side as well, and it takes no imagination to rig up a nice intake and air cleaner with two of these fittings and a few standard plumbing pieces. You can order these at the "Lister Type Exhaust Flange", they are $12.95 each. See the utterpower CD for creative and effective air cleaners.

Need a spare head gasket? Priced one for a Lawn Mower lately ?? Lister Type Standard is $12 each, or 2 for $22.

We now have the utterpower rebuild kit in stock, you get both cam bushings, a set of standard bearings for the big end of the rod, the small end rod bushing, and a new piston pin.  In a Tapered roller bearing engine, this is pretty much all there is outside a set of rings! TRBs have been know to last for a number of rebuilds. Kit is $79.95 plus $10 shipping and handling. Note: soft metal bushings can harbor casting sand and ferrous metal shavings, always put a magnet in the sump, inspect the big end rod bearing carefully, if you discover embedded material in the big end rod bearing, consider replacing the pieces provided in this kit, otherwise, this material.

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