Mark emailed me not long ago about making use of the small tractor he has to run the ST head.  He noted that the PTO on his  tractor had a speed of 950 RPMs at full throttle. He reasoned that he could cut it back a little and drive the head 2:1 and get the required 1800 RPMs . Following are pictures he sent me along with a snippet from his email explaining things.


Hi, George. Mark of PA. Here is a few notes about generator.  The PTO. runs 900 rpm., pulley ratio is 2 to 1 which makes 1800 rpm. for generator.  PTO shaft was found at tractor supply. Drive shaft was custom made to my specs by machine shop. , pillow blocks and pulleys came from a sawmill supply.  The cart and 3 point hitch were my own ideas, made from odds and ends lying around, just used what was available. Put wheels on it, makes it nice to move around the shop. 3 point hitch makes it mobile, for when you need portable power. Put welder outlet on unit, to run small welder,works good. Can take welder any where now. Power cord for house uses same outlet. That's all for now . Mark


   generator 4.jpg (246356 bytes)

Notice the adjusters, Mark laid them out where they're easy to get at.



generator.jpg (254020 bytes)

Mark has mounted and wired in a breaker box, It looks like he has also attached some metal boxes to the side of the breaker box to house some plug ins, also note his ground wire.



genorator 1.jpg (260222 bytes)

Thanks for allowing me to share your work Mark!