Mac McQuaid

The world is full of folks that are going to do this, and going to do that. Mac is different, he does it! When he talks about setting up an engine to run waste veggie, you can expect it to happen. Furthermore, Mac keeps notes, and knows the associated costs of running a real CS Lister Clone on waste Veggie. I had the pleasure to visit Mac and Shirley at their off grid location in Western Montana, our visit started off with hot, fresh baked cinnamon rolls, we sat next to the kitchen wood stove all nice and warm, with a well muffled and pleasant thump thump thump in the distance. I enjoyed every minute of looking over the many AE ideas incorporated in Mac's house. I have more info about Mac on the utterpower site, and even a video of his famous diving dog, who will gladly fetch a rock from the bottom of a deep pond on the property.

Here's a link to some pages maintained by Mac, thank you for sharing with me and my readers Mac!

Mac's Pages