ST DIYer's projects

Rollie Yoder's  PTO driven ST

Mark's PTO Driven ST Head. 

UPDATED Mike's 4Cyl Diesel Gen set.

NEW  Wayne's PTO Driven ST head , a great idea for simple and cost effective setup, (if you have a similar tractor).

Lots more on the CD...

Phil P. out of the Chicago area shares the following, he says it runs like a Deer, I plan to post post an article on Phil's design, and his methods to set up couplers. Phil has fun when the old times come by and scratch their heads...."Hmmm, I don't recall John Deere Making a genset like that".


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Above is Mike McCarrol's welder rig, Mike is more than pleased with the fuel economy and power. Note that Mike has used one of our hopper conversion plates to install a radiator and is using our direct drive versus belts. As of the posting of this second picture, Mike has put many hours on this welding set up and brags about the fuel economy. Yes, this is a modern welder with electronics, and the simple ST runs it just fine :-)

The generator base is made of heavy gauge sheet metal bent to Mike's specifications and bolted together. Mikes radiator is equipped with a fan, the design relies on thermal siphon and stays cool even in HOT weather.

Above: 9/2004  Mike McCarrol is always refining the power plants he uses for welding, note some of the clever things Mike has done on this 2nd generation setup. Mike has tapped out the bottom plug allowing enough water to thermo siphon thru the radiator with it mounted low. the radiator is off a Chrysler Compact, note mIke has mounted in such a way that the fan in the generator head blows air thru the radiator core.

The valve on top allows a block heater to be effective without the radiator shedding the precious heat. Note that clever mounting point for the top radiator brace!  There's 100 ways to do it, and few will make the time to do it as nicely as mike!