Panel Meters, Frequency, Amps, Volts, Power Factor, and More

A while back, I thought those big ole panel meters were really cool, after working with generators a bunch, they have lost some their appeal, just another thing to find room for, to mount, and to fix when they break.  If you have some antique gauges, and you are displaying them for the Vintage appeal, that's still cool; if you just want to know what's going on, that's a whole different matter.

the 'Kill A Watt' plug in meter is throw-a-way cheap, many of us can get by on this and enjoy some outstanding features. One of the things I like most is you can plug it in where you use the power, and monitor generator performance where you most likely are. For a typical price of $29.95; some of us can afford to plug one in at the generator room, and one at the load, if one breaks, we have the other for backup.

After my experience with this device, I wouldn't be without it, and I wouldn't spend a dime more for instrumentation for my generator systems.

simply go to any worth while search engine and type "kill A Watt".