PS 6/1 11-21-05 Inspection

The magic of a REAL slow speed design

This is the most accurate Lister CS 6/1 clone I have seen to date, there are some differences, like the TRBs which I think are far better than bushes, in this size engine, and were ordered for that reason. 

This is a REAL CS clone, not a higher speed GM90, or one of the other variants with a DI head and alloy piston, like those sold by METEX.  This engine has the long life cast iron piston, CS head, and all the stuff that makes for longevity in the design, including an oil pump, but this oil pump is optional, if it quit, you'd never know. But this pump allows you to fit a filter if you wish, we can all agree that filters are good to have.

The timing gears look perfect, the gear lash is perfect. The sump is as clean as any I have ever seen, actually cleaner. I pulled some pieces here and there and checked the machining, all looked good. The manufacturer appears to have addressed the (all too typical) tappet finish issue, as these are quite nice. 

Flywheels are nice, and they are the larger ones, nice thickness and larger diameter, at least 23.5

I will write more on this engine, it is as pretty as I have seen and the best built I have seen..

The gas tank is typical India, this is one of the best I've seen, but expect it to leak around the fitting till you do something about it, as I say elsewhere, the best Indian gas tank is useful, but little more.

PS 6/1 is clean enough inside to eat off of, they have worked hard to get the sand out.

More when I have time, but I have reserved a good number of these engines to fit the new PMG, and have orders in the hopper for them. In closing, I do recognize that there is a place for the variants, if you will burn lighter fuels, if more power is required, if you trust that the design will stay in production, then look at the variants. If you don't know what you will be burning for fuel, if you feel more comfortable with a design that has proven itself for 75 years, if you feel uncertain about the world, then the standard might be a good choice. There are too many of these standard CS engines around the world to ever drop parts production for them, and we must ask why people in certain areas shun the variants, I think it's a combination of parts availability and attempting to burn the carp fuels they sometimes have. I will be turning to those qualified people who are studying this issue further, who have the resources and scientific approach to provide the final answer. These people are only interested in burning a veggie fuel, and burning it best, and at least cost, they have no agenda for the sale of a specific engine or product, so we'll soon know I hope. 

All the best,

George B.